2013/14 Season Review: Matt Calvert, And How I Became A Cbj Fan

Posted on May 11, 2014 by Dan Kent

2013/14 Season Review: Matt Calvert, and how I became a CBJ fan
The roots for my fandom of the Blue Jackets can be traced back to “NHL 11″. It introduced a sweet new feature called “Hockey Ultimate Team”, which I spent hours, days and months playing. I assembled teams for specific situations in order to maximize the “career games” of my players. I had a team to use online, a team to use vs weak CPU teams, and a team to use vs good CPU teams to try and collect as many bonus dollars possible.

Dan Kent

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Growing up in a hockey hotbed (Calgary, Alberta. And yes, I'm an Oiler fan), I decided to put my love and knowledge of the game to work. I started at five and am still playing today into my early 30s. By acquiring Brave Stick Hockey and rebranding it to Big Shot Hockey in 2023, I plan to teach people about this great game and educate them on the best equipment and history of the game. On a career level, I am in finance, running one of the largest financial websites in Canada, Stocktrades.ca.

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